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If you haven’t set foot in your garden for some time, the space could likely do with some professional care. After all, gardens are there for a purpose; to serve your needs and provide a space for your enjoyment in the summer months. If it no longer performs at an acceptable level, there are steps you can take to bring it up to standard. The specialists at Woodvale Tree Care Ltd offer tree surgery, hedge cutting, stump grinding and more to customers in Walton-on-Thames, enabling gardens to flourish as nature intended.


Crown Thinning, Lifts and Reductions


Not everyone has the luxury of a south-facing garden. This makes it important to allow as much light into the garden as possible. If your trees have overgrown to the point that you no longer enjoy the space to its fullest, then reliable tree surgeons should be called. They can reduce the density of the crown, remove dead limbs and increase the amount of light in your garden.


Tree Removal


If this form of tree surgery doesn’t go far enough, you may prefer to remove the tree entirely. Only trained arborists, skilled in the art of tree felling should ever attempt the removal of a large tree. This is because they have the knowledge and equipment to bring the tree down in the safest direction. Woodvale Tree Care Ltd provides the utmost care in its tree removal service, with a qualified team of tree surgeons in Walton-on-Thames ready to conduct a thorough inspection of key problem areas.


The Important Touches


If you’ve chosen to have your tree removed altogether, then a stump will remain in its place. While this doesn’t pose an immediate problem, it can serve as a blight on the landscape. Left unchecked, this stump may become infested, diseased or experience suckering. Stump grinding turns the base into mulch even below the soil line, killing the roots for permanent results. Grass can be grown over this area, creating a space reusable and easily maintained.


Beyond tree surgery, stump grinding and tree removal, planting is crucial to your garden’s appeal. A well-designed plot of land created with a plan in mind will be attractive and produced to your desired style. Hedge cutting is another skill offered by our team in Walton-on-Thames, which is performed to the highest standard and in the correct seasons.


By calling the professionals for crown reductions, tree removal and stump grinding, you receive a service tailored to your requirements. We return light to gardens across Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding areas, taking the greatest of care in the service delivered.

Contact the expert tree surgeons on 01372 632045 or 07948 760723. We revitalise gardens in Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding areas.