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Tree Surgery in Cobham and Surrey | Does Your Tree Need Maintenance or Removal?

Tree surgeons skilled in arboriculture and woodland management know the signs of a dying tree. If your favourite elm tree has seen better days and suffers from a range of symptoms, it may be time to call in the professionals. With over ten years of experience, our tree surgeons are fully trained and qualified, with the skills needed to ensure a safe maintenance or tree removal process from beginning to end. We also provide stump grinding, hedge cutting and planting to a range of domestic and commercial clients.


Fungi, Disease and Decay


It’s easy to forget that trees are living things and subject to health issues. If you notice fungi at the base of the trunk, peeling bark or darkened leaves, it’s possible that your tree is suffering from a blight. At this stage, professional arborists should be called to assess the damage and suggest preventative measures if possible. Our talented tree surgeons provide climbing inspections to check the status of trees on a detailed level, ensuring that scaffold branches remain healthy and strong. If left unchecked, disease can spread to other plants throughout the garden, so it’s best to inspect the problem areas as soon as possible.


Dead Branches and Compromised Safety


If specific branches fail to grow leaves in Spring, this may indicate the limbs have died. Dead wood becomes brittle and eventually falls to the ground, posing a danger to cars, pedestrians and neighbouring homes. We provide dead wooding services to customers in Cobham and the surrounding areas, enabling trees to efficiently grow without the additional weight of dead limbs.


Hard Access and Extreme Height


Trees of a certain size impact local properties by reducing the amount of natural sunlight to the immediate area. This may cause friction with neighbours and pose a safety hazard in high winds, so a friendly discussion with a tree surgeon comes highly recommended. Crown reduction and thinning can lower this risk dramatically, while a crown lift increases ground space by raising the canopy.


When Tree Removal is Needed


At times, tree maintenance simply doesn’t go far enough. Our tree surgery experts provide specialist services to homeowners across Cobham and Surrey, performing tree removal with the relevant equipment and safety gear at hand. If you choose to have your tree removed entirely, we can deliver stump grinding and planting services for a rejuvenated summer space. Contact us in Walton-on-Thames for sound advice and an approachable service.

If you need tree surgery in the Cobham area, call us on 01372 632045 or 07948 760723 and speak to the arboricultural experts.