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Tree Removal in Esher | 5 Signs Your Tree is Unsafe

Sometimes, trees become unsafe and it’s necessary to remove them. However, it’s not always easy to tell when a tree is posing a risk. Having been working as tree surgeons for many years, we have tons of knowledge and experience in all aspects of tree surgery. As such, we know exactly how to tell if it’s time for tree removal, or if you need other services. From hedge cutting to felling, we offer professional advice and solutions for our customers in Esher and all the surrounding areas.


If you’re wondering how to tell if a tree is unsafe, please read our handy guide for the top 5 things to look out for:


1. Dead Branches


Dead branches are a key sign there’s something wrong, especially if there are a lot of them. This may simply mean your tree needs pruning, but it’s vital to seek the guidance of professional tree surgeons.


An excessive number of dead branches can mean the tree is losing nutrients. If it is, it may be dying. Whether a tree is on private or public land, it’s important to address these kinds of issues as soon as possible to ensure maximum safety.


If necessary, we undertake tree removal to prevent potential hazards. This can include stump grinding to remove the risks posed by the tree stump. We also provide hedge cutting in Esher to keep your hedges in good condition and to prevent them encroaching over paths and roads.


2. Visible Roots


Although visible roots are common, they can indicate a problem. Most of the time, there’s no cause for concern or need for tree surgery. However, if there is an unusually large amount of roots visible on the surface, the tree may be having difficulty securing its position.


When a tree doesn’t have deep roots, it’s more vulnerable to weather damage. This is especially dangerous in adverse and stormy conditions, which can rip the tree from the ground.


Obviously, this poses a major risk to people and property, so it’s best to undergo tree removal to minimise potential hazards.


3. Leaning


If you notice your tree in Esher is permanently leaning to one side, you should call the tree surgeons at Woodvale Tree Care Ltd. While trees often lean in the wind, they should return to their normal position. However, where trees have a lack of cover, they are vulnerable to the elements.


Repeated high winds from the same direction can gradually cause trees to lean. This eventually uproots them. If your tree is unstable due to leaning, it’s best to carry out tree removal before it falls.


In addition, if you have a hedge that’s leaning or growing into the surrounding space, we offer hedge cutting services to improve safety and appearance.


4. Cracks and/or Cavities


Cavities and cracks can be signs of structural damage. If ignored, they can become worse over time, resulting in more serious problems. This can also indicate that the tree is suffering.


To prevent the tree completely splitting and other issues, get in touch with our team in Esher for expert tree surgery advice and solutions.


5. Fungal Growth or Mushrooms


If you notice fungal brackets or mushrooms near the base of a tree, this could indicate a weakening of the tree’s structure. Although these growths don’t always mean the tree is unsafe, there are many fungi that cause decay in trees. As such, it’s best to contact Woodvale Tree Care Ltd for an expert assessment.

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