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Tree Surgeons in Weybridge | Why You Need the Professionals

Trees are an important aspect of domestic and commercial environments, and it’s essential to take proper care of them. While some tree owners think they can save money by carrying out tree services themselves, only professionals provide the precise services you need to the highest standards. With over 10 years of experience as tree surgeons, we assess your trees and offer suitable, effective solutions for your requirements. Whether that’s tree removal or regular maintenance in Weybridge, we deliver a variety of benefits.

So, instead of DIY solutions, choose Woodvale Tree Care Ltd for all your tree surgery requirements. By doing so, you enjoy the following:


All in One Solution


Many property owners think tree maintenance is easy, but there are many different services and it’s important to choose the right one, or ones. It could be that you have multiple issues with one tree, or a number of trees that need different services. When you hire the professionals, you don’t just get one solution, you get a complete range of services to suit your needs, covering everything from hedge cutting and climbing inspections to crown thinning and tree removal.


Having been working as tree surgeons for so many years, we customise our services in Weybridge to your requirements. We identify any issues and address them in the most appropriate way, ensuring your trees stay in the best possible condition.


As well as regular maintenance services, we also undertake planting and tree removal, including stump grinding, so your garden is always safe and looking the way you want.


Proper Tools & Machinery


As dedicated tree surgeons, we don’t just bring our skills and expertise to your property, we also come equipped with specialist tools and machinery designed for each job. In this, way we ensure a high-quality finish that you wouldn’t be able to achieve on your own.


Using the appropriate tools is also essential for maintaining high levels of safety. Using the wrong tool not only puts you in danger, but it can also damage the tree. Because we have full training in all tree care methods and in the use of tools and machinery, we deliver efficient and safe solutions in Weybridge that don’t cause damage to your trees.


For more information about our training, practices and equipment, please get in touch.


Safe & Compliant Tree Surgery


Tree services, especially tree removal, can be highly dangerous. As such, it’s vital to follow proper procedures and for workers to wear approved protective equipment. At Woodvale Tree Care Ltd, we have a commitment to the safety of our tree surgeons as well as our customers in Weybridge and all the surrounding areas. That’s why every member of our team wears relevant safety gear and follows safe working practices.


Your trees may also fall under certain protections or be subject to other legislation. In these cases, it’s important to gain any necessary approvals before starting work. With many years of experience, we advise on the requirements for maintaining your specific trees.

To discover the further benefits of the professional services we undertake as tree surgeons in Weybridge and the surrounding areas, call us today on 01372 632045 or 07948 760723.