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Tree Surgery in Cobham | Your Guide to Our Top 5 Tree Services

With over 10 years of experience, the tree surgeons at Woodvale Tree Care Ltd undertake a variety of specialist services. Whether you have a domestic or commercial space in need of professional care, we deliver reliable services. Carrying out everything from hedge cutting to tree removal, we keep your plants healthy and your garden or commercial space looking its best. Having been working in the tree surgery industry for many years, we see which services are most common amongst our customers in Cobham and the surrounding areas.


The following are 6 of the main tree services we undertake. However, as a dedicated company, we offer many further solutions. Whatever your requirements, we meet them with a friendly and efficient approach.


1. Crown Reduction & Shaping


This is the selective removal of branches. Tree surgeons carry out reduction and pruning services to reduce the height and/or shape of a tree. This is often necessary when a tree has grown so much that it is encroaching on surrounding space.


For example, if you have a tree that’s near phone lines and its branches are in danger of touching the wires, we reduce the upper branches and reshape them to maintain the look of the tree.


If a tree is in danger of falling onto nearby phone lines, buildings or vehicles, or if it poses a risk to people, we undertake tree removal to safely fell the tree before it causes any damage.


In addition to reducing and shaping trees in Cobham, we also provide hedge cutting services to keep hedges neat and to prevent them encroaching into surrounding spaces.


2. Crown Lifting & Thinning


This is similar to reduction but is the selective removal of lower branches to prevent obstruction of the area below. This is a common aspect of tree surgery for public spaces, where trees may overhang a footpath or highway.


As well as raising the height, we carry out thinning services to allow better circulation of light and air. This creates a better structure and can minimise the risk of pests.


3. Felling


Also known as tree removal, felling involves cutting down a tree, either in sections or as a whole. There are many reasons why customers in Cobham may require felling services. For example, if a tree is infected, tree surgeons remove it to ensure surrounding trees remain healthy.


Weak trees pose a danger to nearby properties and people and will need felling. Another common reason for tree removal is that plants are in an area designated for construction and are in the way of plans.


4. Hedge & Shrub Trimming


As an experience tree surgery company, we don’t just offer services for trees. We also undertake hedge cutting and trimming. In addition to keeping shrubs neat and tidy, this promotes a bushy and healthy growth.


Where hedges or shrubs border a road or path in Cobham, hedge cutting can also contribute to safety.


5. Pollarding


Tree surgeons carry out pollarding to keep trees at a certain height. This involves removing all the upper branches, resulting in a dense head of branches and foliage.


An interesting aspect of pollarding is that trees which have undergone pollarding tend to live longer. This is because removing the crown at regular intervals keeps them in a juvenile state.

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